Contrail® Inventory Plus Centralized Web-based Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management Tool

  • Address

    Addressing is the ability to include postal addressing and geo-location information to a location. The addressing is an optional attribute. The stored latitude and longitude is in decimal degrees.A location must have an address or latitude and longitude...
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  • Categories

    Categories are logical groupings of equipment types defined by Contrail® Inventory administrators. Before adding a model to manufacturers, a Category must be defined for the equipment type. Common categories include: Battery, Solar Panel, Data Logger,...
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  • Items

    An inventory item is an asset to be uniquely tracked. Every inventory item must have a unique serial number by model. Every item in the inventory system has many properties associated with it that allow tracking of where it is located, what model or type...
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  • Locations

    An inventory location is a uniquely identifiable location where an inventory item resides. Examples of inventory locations include fixed installations, short and long-term storage points like warehouses and scrap heaps, or transient locations like...
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  • Manufacturers

    Manufacturers produce models or equipment. A Manufacturer is required of every model that an inventory asset is associated with. Common manufacturers are High Sierra Electronics, Campbell Scientific, and Power Sonic.
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  • Model Attributes

    Most manufacturers release equipment with a part number that has assumed attributes. Any configurable attribute or variation that does not have a unique model (part number) can be tracked by defining model attributes.
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  • Models

    Models are the equipment associated with a manufacturer with a unique part number used for ordering. It is important to name the model as referenced by the manufacturer. An example of a specific model is the CR200 Data logger, manufactured by Campbell...
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  • Serial number

    The serial number must be unique per model to track an item in inventory.
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  • Tags

    Tags can provide a quick route to view any set of locations, manufacturers, etc., similar to the way a web browser uses “bookmarks.” An often used category or location can be quickly accessed by assigning a tag to those items, models, locations, or...
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