Create a more complete view of conditions with Contrail® Camera image collection, hosting, and viewing platform.

  • API Key

    Universally unique identifier (UUID) required to access Contrail® Camera API methods from external applications.
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  • Camera

    A Camera is a collection of images from a single source such as a physical camera or images posted on the web. Each Camera requires a license. You will not be able to add a new Camera unless you own a license that has not been activated.
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  • Images

    An image is a single photo associated with a Camera. A collection of images can be viewed at each Camera. Images are stored within Contrail® Camera based on the Retention period defined at the Camera.
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  • Mosaic

    Collection of the latest image from each camera displayed together in a responsive design that maintains aspect ratios.
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  • Movie

    A Movie is a collection of images stitched together.
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  • Slideshow

    The Slideshow displays the latest image from each camera, cycling through each camera on a timed interval.

    If you hover over the image in the slideshow, the cycling of images will pause.
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  • Source Type

    A Camera’s source type defines how images are collected by the application
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  • Timelapse

    Collection of images from the previous 24 hours from a Camera that are streamed to the browser. As new images are collected by the application, the newest image is appended to the end of the stream. Note: Due to lack of browser support, this feature...
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  • Transformation

    As images are collected, the original image can be altered before being stored in Contrail® Camera
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