An FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for this specific application. Items will include how to navigate, use this application, and request support.

Knowledge Base Articles are specific information about a product, service, application, or topic.
The Articles are grouped into categories that should reflect those products, services, applications, or topics.

Glossary is a list of terms relevant to a certain category. Glossary terms that are found within A Knowledge Base article will be highlighted.
Latest Knowledge Base articles and Glossary terms are entries that have been recently created or modified.
Popular Knowledge Base articles and Glossary terms are entries that have been marked as helpful by using the "Thumbs Up" feedback button at the bottom of each pages.
You can start a Chat with Contrail Support by clicking on the blue Chat button located on any Contrail Help page. Our online status in displayed at the top of the Chat box; if our status is "Offline", you can still send us a message, which we will receive as an email.

A single check mark next to the message you sent indicates that message has been Sent, but not yet read. A double check mark indicates the message has been read.

You can close the Chat window by clicking the blue X button.
Feedback on Contrail Help Knowledge Base articles and Glossary terms can be provided by using selecting the "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down" buttons at the bottom of any article or term page and clicking Save. You can also provide more detailed feedback by typing in the text box before clicking Save.
You can filter both Knowledge Base articles and Glossary terms by categories.

Categories are the logical section breaks between different offered products and services.
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