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Adding Users in Contrail

OneRain 2020-04-07 22:28:11

Start by logging into the Administration environment, navigate to Configuration > User(s).

To add a new User:
1. On the Users page, select Add.
2. On the Add User page, enter a Name (minimum of six (6) characters), an Email address, and a unique Username for the User. The Username cannot already be in use or have been used by anyone in the Contrail installation.
3. Under Credentials, enter a password. Passwords are case sensitive and must have a minimum of eight characters.
4. Under Communication, enter the User’s Phone number.
5. Under Date/Time, select the Time Zone for the User’s data display, and a preferred Time Format for data display. All data are stored in the database using UTC, in ISO format.
6. Under Display, select a BaseMap from the drop-down list to change the default map. Then select a default View to be the view used when the User logs in.
7. Select Save when finished.
8. Next, assign User privileges by checking the box next to each appropriate Privilege.

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