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Importing into Contrail

OneRain 2020-03-12 15:20:02

The linked Excel workbook contains example worksheets to assist in the import of information into Contrail.

The worksheets should be filled in progressively, left to right starting with Sites. There are some formulas to assist in the process. Please clean the data to ensure no special characters, line-breaks, or html is embedded into the cells.

Required fields are marked with a combination of color and style. The Bold and Italicized headings in blue cells are required, while the standard text in gray cells is optional. In the Sites worksheet only the Elevation field is optional.

Familiarity with the Contrail program will help you decide on the important information to include in these sheets. The required data in each sheet should be unique. The best example of this uniqueness is that every Site ID in the Sites sheet is distinct. The Site ID will be repeated in the Sensors sheet, for each Sensor of that Site ID present.

To import the worksheets, each tab must first be individually saved as a .txt or .csv file.

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