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Adding and Editing Ratings Tables

OneRain 2020-06-10 22:45:07
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To add a new Ratings Table, in the Administration environment, navigate to the Flow Sensor where the ratings table will be implemented. First, confirm that Sensor uses either the table, tablelinlog, or tableloglog conversion options, depending on your ratings table. Then, from the Edit dropdown menu, select Ratings . Enable Ratings by setting the toggle switch to On. Select the Import button to load the upload file screen, where you will select the comma delimited option if the file is a CSV, or the Tab delimited option if the files is a tab delimited .txt file. Select Browse and navigate to the file that was created earlier and select Open, then select Upload to proceed. On the Match Column page, the input value is matched to the translated output value. Select the drop downs to match Input to Input and Output to Output, and select Save.

To edit an existing Ratings Table, in the Administration environment, navigate to the Sensor where the updated ratings table will be implemented. From the Edit dropdown menu, select Ratings. Download the existing ratings table by clicking the Download button. Edit the file on your computer by opening the file in a program like Notepad or Notepad++. After saving the edits, back in Contrail, open the Download dropdown menu and click Delete to remove the current Ratings Table. To add your new ratings table, follow the instructions above.

In general, Ratings Table Import Files should have a format similar to the following:
Site ID,Sensor Id,Input,Output
The Site Id and Sensor Id are not required, but may be present if you download the Ratings file from Contrail. The Input is the source data (often Stage), and the Output is the result data (often Flow Volume).

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