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How Do I Reset Rain Accumulation?

OneRain 2019-11-27 17:23:28
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Rain Resets can be done at the System level to reset all the Rain Accumulation sensors in that system. The owner of an Input System has the Administrative controls to issue this command.

After login to Contrail, switch to the Administration environment, and, navigate to Configuration > Systems. Then select the input System to reset; from the Sensor Types list, find the Rain Accumulation Sensor Type (this will typically use Sensor Class = 11). Select Rain Reset from the Edit drop-down menu. Ensure that the time zone matches your System's input time zone, specify the reset date, and Save. Repeat this process for all relevant input Systems.

Contrail sends the data stream with a zero report at midnight of that day and calls a revalidation routine to march across the Rain Accumulation sensors in the selected system. This revalidation accumulates the finished data from that zero record.

Some tips before you get started:

  • Rain Resets cannot be scheduled in advance or set to repeat yearly.

  • Perform the reset on, or very close to, your rain year start DAY.

  • Postpone performing the reset if there is precipitation occurring or expected.

  • Your Contrail user account must have the administrative privileges to perform this action.

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