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Adding and Editing Synthetic Sensors in Contrail

OneRain 2020-02-06 23:13:58

After adding a new Sensor, you will need to define a source for your Synthetic Sensor. In the Source panel, define the Site and Sensor that will provide the data for this Sensor. In the Synthetic panel, specify if the Synthetic value should be calculated from Raw or finished data from the source Sensor, and if this should be only valid collected data or all collected data. Click Save when finished.

To edit a Sensor, your client must own the Sensor in question. To edit Synthetic Sensor options, open the Edit dropdown menu and select Synthetic. If you need to update the Site and/or Sensor that provides data for the Synthetic Sensor, first Delete the existing Synthetic setting. Then open the Edit dropdown menu and select Synthetic again, and follow the instructions above to add a new source Sensor. Note that any changes made to the Synthetic settings will only impact data from the time of the change, moving forward.

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