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Adding, Editing, and Deleting Views in Contrail

OneRain 2020-02-06 23:37:48
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In the Administration module, selecting Configuration > View(s) brings up a list of the views created to Group Sites together for viewing on different maps or in lists. Selecting a specific View in the list opens the View details page.

To Add a View, select the Add button. Under View, enter a Name and a Description for the View. Then select the visibility Options (Published / Privileged), and Save.

To Edit a View, or add Sites to a View, start by selecting the view you wish to edit. Select Edit – here, you can edit the Name, Description and visibility Options (Published / Privileged). To add or remove Sites from the View, open the Edit dropdown menu and select Sites. Check the box next to a Site to add it to the View, or uncheck the box to remove it from the View. Click Continue when complete.

To Delete a View, start by selecting the view you wish to delete. Open the Edit dropdown menu, and select Delete. A view cannot be deleted if any of the User(s) have the view setup as a default in their User Profile. Removing a site from a view does not affect the data collection of that site from its system(s).

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