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How do I Convert a Site from ALERT to ALERT2 in Contrail?

OneRain 2019-12-12 19:15:42

Prior to moving a site from ALERT to ALERT2, you must create an ALERT2 System with properly defined Sensor Types (Validation not ALERT, Time Zone UTC, etc). If you receive Wind sensors, make sure to also create a Wind Direction Sensor Type as a real sensor, not synthetic.

  1. Move the site from the ALERT System to ALERT2 System. Navigate from Administration > Sites > Site > Edit > Select ALERT2 System. You may wish to write a Note on that site to NOT re-validate sensors past this ALERT2 conversion date.

  2. Change the Site ID - Update the Site ID on the Site Edit page to the ALERT2 Source Address. Add a site Note containing the upgrade date and old ALERT ID.

  3. Change each Sensor ID. Navigate from Administration > Sites > Site > Sensor > Edit. Common ALERT2 IDs include:

    • Air Temp(1)

    • BP (3)

    • Battery (8) - Update slope and offset

    • Flow (7A)

    • GPS Status (10 or 11)

    • Increment (0A)

    • Peak Wind Gust (6)

    • Precip (0)

    • RH (2)

    • Stage (7) - Update slope and offset; don't change reference

    • Wind Dir (5)

    • Wind Velocity (4)

  4. Update Sensor Conversion Calibrations. Navigate to Administration > Sites > Site > Sensor > Edit. Most ALERT2 sensors transmit Engineering Values, so the Slope should be set to 1 with an offset of 0 in most cases. Rain Accumulation sensor data is typically still transmitted as a Raw count and should not need to be updated. Typically, Wind Direction sensors in ALERT2 are NOT derived.
    For each site containing a Wind sensor, create a new real sensor for Wind Direction, then wait to receive at least one ALERT2 report for that sensor. Once you have at least one valid 'A' report, copy the historical ALERT sensor data into this new sensor. Once data copied to new sensor, delete the old derived Wind Direction sensor.

  5. Update Sensor Validation. From the ALERT2 System Sensor Type Default, bulk update all the sensors for Validation Level (not ALERT validation). (I.e., Change validation on all sensors to "All standard validations performed").

  6. Update Sensor Date Time. From the System, bulk update all of the sensors for Date/Time Time Zone: UTC.

  7. Verify all of the Conversions/Calibrations to make sure it matches the ALERT2 data coming in. You can run Sensor Conversion and Sensor Validation reports on your ALERT2 System at the end to verify your work and make sure everything has been set correctly for ALERT2.

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