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Configuring a Digi to Send Data to Contrail

OneRain 2020-03-04 20:58:50

Update the firmware to the latest version. Download the latest firmware from the link below. From the Digi, under Administration, select Update Firmware and upload the new file.

Update the password so that it no longer uses the default factory setting. Under Configuration, select Security. In the Administrator Password section, enter and apply the new password. After changing the password you will immediately be asked to log back on using the new password.

Update Network Configuration. Under Configuration, select Network. Update the IP Settings as appropriate. For DNS Settings, match Contrail Server if possible, and add A Host Name will be required to apply DNS Settings, which can be set to Digi.

Check the route by SSH to the Digi device, and ping/route to new server to verify the connection. If there is no route defined, work with your IT Contact to define the route.

Update the Serial Port. Under Configuration, select Serial Ports, and click the Port to be configured. The Port Profile should be set to TCP Sockets. Under Profile Settings, the TCP Client should automatically establish TCP connections and connect always. Enter the appropriate domain name (limited to 31 characters) and verify the port. Ensure that the Service is set to Raw, Connect as None, and Flush Start Character is Auto. Apply the new settings, then switch to Basic Serial Settings. Enter a description for that port, and set the baud rate. Data Bits should be set to 8, Parity set to None, Stop Bits to 1, and Flow Control to None.

Finally, confirm flow of data to Contrail or start of new socket via the collector log to verify end to end.

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