Contrail® Inventory Plus Centralized Web-based Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management Tool

  • How do I Edit and Delete Model Attributes?

    Attributes are assigned to Models, so all changes to Attributes can be made at the Model where they are assigned. Use the Inventory Export (with attributes), ordered by Model, to determine where the Attributes to be modified exist, navigate to Inventory >...
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  • I do not use serial numbers for my batteries. Why does it require a serial number?

    Serial numbers may not exist for every inventory item you have in the world.
    You may consider giving things like batteries your own serial number to better track items that can move.
    Try using the date as a serial number like 20200305. Inventory Popular4 Views56
  • Inventory Documentation

    Download the latest version of the help files here in PDF format.

    Note: Most manuals and guides come in the PDF format and is the easiest way to view the manual or guide.
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  • Maximum upload file size

    The maximum upload file size is 12MB. This 12 megabyte file size limit is enforced for all file extensions, including images and file uploads.
    Unless the file you are uploading is specifically for sharing the file with your users, it is recommended...
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  • What is Inventory?

    Centralized Web-based Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management Tool for Real-time Hydrologic Monitoring Networks

    Contrail® Inventory Plus helps you manage and keep track of your hydrometeorologic instruments, equipment and all of your...
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