Contrail® Data Collection and Visualization Platform

  • How Do I Configure an Output System to use the API?

    Start by logging into Contrail, open the Administration environment, and navigate to the Systems list. Click the "+ Add" button, and select Output for the Interface, and Data Exchange Output as the System Type. Specify the Client, and enter a Name and...
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  • Adding and Editing Equation Sensors in Contrail

    After adding a new Sensor, you will need to define an equation and variable(s) for your Equation Sensor. In the next page, a list of existing equations displays, if any. Select the radio button next to the equation you wish to use, or select the Add...
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  • Adding and Editing Synthetic Sensors in Contrail

    After adding a new Sensor, you will need to define a source for your Synthetic Sensor. In the Source panel, define the Site and Sensor that will provide the data for this Sensor. In the Synthetic panel, specify if the Synthetic value should be calculated...
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  • Adding and Editing Text Translations

    To add a new Text Translation, in the Administration environment, navigate to the Sensor where text translation will be implemented. From the Edit dropdown menu, select Translation. Enable Translation by setting the toggle switch to On. Select the...
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  • Adding Annotations to Data in Contrail

    A new feature in Contrail 8 is the ability to add Annotations to data in Contrail. Please note that this feature is Experimental, and will require a user to have the Experimental privilege to use and view.

    To add a new Annotation, navigate...
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  • Adding Camera layer to Contrail

    To visualize your Cameras on the pan and zoom map you need administrative access to Contrail and an API Key from your Contrail Camera Service.

    Login to Contrail with administration privileges.
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  • Adding Contrail Cameras To Dashboards

    To add Cameras hosted by the Contrail Camera Platform to a Contrail Dashboard:

    In Camera:
    Add an API key

    In Contrail:
    Add a new Dashboard.
    In your newly-created dashboard, add a widget, with Widget Type...
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  • Adding Users in Contrail

    Start by logging into the Administration environment, navigate to Configuration > Users.

    To add a new User:
    1. On the Users page, select Add.
    2. On the Add User page, enter a Name (minimum of six (6) characters), an Email...
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  • Adding, Editing, and Deleting Sensors in Contrail

    To add a new Sensor, navigate to the Administration environment, select Sensors, and click "+ Add." Select the System and Site at which this Sensor is located. Next, specify the Sensor Type, and enter in the Sensor name and Sensor Id. When a Sensor Type...
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  • Adding, Editing, and Deleting Sites in Contrail

    To add a new Site, navigate to the Administration environment, select Sites, and click "+ Add." Select the System to which this Site will belong, then enter in the Site name and Site Id. Select a View in which this Site will be displayed. Specify the...
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  • Adding, Editing, and Deleting Views in Contrail

    In the Administration module, selecting Configuration > Views brings up a list of the views created to group sites together for viewing on different maps or in lists. Selecting a specific View in the list opens the View details page.

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  • Can Contrail run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is supported but is not the preferred operating system for Contrail.

    The preferred operating system is CentOS, a rebuild of the upstream RHEL OS. The CentOS group is now funded by Redhat. All major security...
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  • Can I Send Alarm Deliveries as Text Messages?

    Yes; Deliveries can be sent as Email to SMS (Short Messaging Service). Carriers allow text messages via email to be sent to mobile devices using the 10-digit phone number and the domain of the provider. Charges can apply based upon the plan of the...
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  • Can I update Sensor parameters in bulk?

    Sensor parameters can be updated in bulk by updating the Sensor Type at the System level, and then pushing those updates out to all Sensors of that Sensor Type.

    To update the Sensor Type, navigate to the relevant System in Contrail® and...
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  • Configuring a Digi to Send Data to Contrail

    Update the firmware to the latest version. Download the latest firmware from the link below. From the Digi, under Administration, select Update Firmware and upload the new file.

    Update the password so that it no longer uses the default...
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  • Contrail 8 Released

    We're excited to tell you that we've begun to roll out Contrail 8! Starting January 2020, Contrail Web will be upgraded to the latest version and OneRain will begin working with System Administrators of hosted and on-premise servers to complete the...
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  • Contrail 8 Upgrade Documentation

    Attached is the documentation to upgrade your server to Contrail 8.
    Contrail 8 Runs on Enterprise Linux. Specifically CentOS Linux version 8, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

    This information will be continually updated.
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  • Contrail® API Documentation

    Download the latest version of the API help files here in PDF format.

    Note: Most manuals and guides come in the PDF format and is the easiest way to view the manual or guide.
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  • Contrail® Documentation

    Download the latest version of the help files here in PDF format.

    Note: Most manuals and guides come in the PDF format and is the easiest way to view the manual or guide.
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  • Copying Data from a Sensor

    To copy data from one Sensor to another, first navigate to the Sensor details page in the Administration environment. In the Data panel, open the Data dropdown menu and select Copy. Enter the appropriate System, Site, and Sensor information for the...
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  • Creating Posts

    Post or news article management is limited to Web administrators.
    The content of a post can be plain text or using the WYSIWYG editor, HTML content can be published.
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  • Customizing Your Theme

    Contrail® application theme updates can be managed by a web administrator. The theme changes allowed are limited to uploading organization-appropriate logos.

    A small image logo and a text based logo are required to maintain branding and...
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  • Embedding the Map in a Dashboard

    To embed the Contrail map in a dashboard, use the Inline Frame Widget Type. Inline Frames allow you to display another web-page in the widget panel.

    After configuring the map as desired, generate a link that captures your existing settings...
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  • How Do I Add Sites and Sensors to an existing feed to the NWS?

    After logging into Contrail, go to the Administration environment, locate Systems, and select the relevant output system to the NWS or MADIS.

    To add the Sensor to the feed, start by opening the Edit drop-down menu on the system's details...
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  • How do I Configure a New Data Feed to the NWS?

    In order to configure a new data feed to the NWS, you must be the licensed Contrail owner. Our preferred method is to configure a SHEF .E output system to send data to MADIS via FTP. For SHEF .E, Contrail is setup to send Rain Increment, Gauge...
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  • How do I configure Time Zone for loggers that do not adjust for Daylight Savings Time?

    Many Sensor Types make use of a Time Zone that automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time (for example, US/Eastern, US/Central, US/Mountain, and US/Pacific). If your data logger does not adjust for Daylight Savings Time, you should instead use a Time...
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  • How do I Convert a Site from ALERT to ALERT2 in Contrail?

    Prior to moving a site from ALERT to ALERT2, you must create an ALERT2 System with properly defined Sensor Types (Validation not ALERT, Time Zone UTC, etc). If you receive Wind sensors, make sure to also create a Wind Direction sensor type as a real...
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  • How do I Create Custom Cross Section Widgets on Dashboards?

    After creating a new Sensor Widget, select the Cross Section Panel Type in the Display panel. In the Custom field, enter an array of x (left to right distance) and y values (height of the profile at the associated x value) as a comma separated list using...
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  • How do I export or download data from Contrail?

    Data can be downloaded from Contrail in several different ways.

    From either the user or administration environments, navigate to the Sensor from which you want to download data. Use the data download control, located in the reports panel,...
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  • How Do I Force an Alarm to Clear?

    Navigate to the list of Alarm Rules, and locate the Rule for the Sensor. Uncheck the box by that rule to disable the rule, which will clear the Alarm, then check the box by the Rule to re-enable it.

    Please note that this will work as long...
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  • How do I move a Site to a Different System?

    Start by logging into Contrail, then navigate to the Administration environment. Locate the Site that you want to move. On that Site's details page, select Edit. In the Source panel, select the new System from the System menu, and click Save when...
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  • How do I power off my on-premise server?

    Self hosted servers can only be shutdown by System Administrators with the 'Settings' privilege.

    After logging into Contrail, go to the Administration environment, locate Configuration > Settings. Select 'Servers', then select the server...
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  • How Do I Reset Rain Accumulation?

    Rain Resets can be done at the System level to reset all the Rain Accumulation sensors in that system. The owner of an input System has the Administrative controls to issue this command.

    After login to Contrail, switch to the...
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  • How Do I Retrieve Long Periods of Data from Contrail?

    The Contrail application environment restricts data downloads to one-year periods, retrieved from each individual Sensor. This can be done by navigating to the Sensor of interest, specifying the period of data in the date range picker, and selecting the...
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  • How Do I Revalidate a Sensor?

    To reprocess data after a calibration or validation settings change has been applied, you will need to run a Revalidation. For real source type sensors, you can revalidate at that sensor, but for synthetic or equation source type sensors, you will need to...
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  • How Do I Send a Test Delivery?

    To send a test Delivery, go to Alarms > Rules, and select the Rule you would like to test. From the Edit drop-down menu, select Test Delivery. This will send a test Delivery out to all Contacts and/or Groups listed in the To field of all Deliveries...
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  • How do I Setup USGSRatings on a Sensor?

    The GetUSGSRatings only pulls automated USGS Ratings for flow or discharge-type sensors in units of cubic feet/second (cfs). Flow Volume or similar sensor types are recommended for use. USGS ratings tables use Gage Height in feet (ft) as the input, so the...
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  • How Do I Update a Sensor's Calibration Settings?

    To update a Sensor's calibration settings in Contrail, log in and navigate to the Administration environment. From there, locate the sensor where you want to apply the change. On the Sensor details page, click the Edit button and locate the Calibration...
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  • How Do I Update a Sensor's Validation Settings?

    To update a Sensor's validation settings in Contrail, log in and navigate to the Administration environment. From there, locate the sensor where you want to apply the change. On the Sensor details page, open the Edit dropdown menu, and select Validation....
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  • How do I Update my Credentials for an Input or Output System?

    At times, it may be necessary for you to update your credentials for an FTP feed to or from Contrail. This may be an output system to the NWS, CNRFC, or MADIS, or an input system using the Universal agent.

    To update the password within...
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  • Importing into Contrail

    The linked Excel workbook contains example worksheets to assist in the import of information into Contrail.

    The worksheets should be filled in progressively, left to right starting with Sites. There are some formulas to assist in the...
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  • Maximum upload file size

    The maximum upload file size is 12MB. This 12 megabyte file size limit is enforced for all file extensions, including images and file uploads.
    Unless the file you are uploading is specifically for sharing the file with your users, it is recommended...
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  • Monitoring System Latency

    We typically recommend two different types of rules for system latency. The first uses the time_since_last_report_received function to alarm if an entire system ceases to receive data. Although we recommend this for ALERT2 systems as well, this is...
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  • Sharing the Contrail Map with existing settings

    On the Contrail map page, it is possible to generate a link that captures your existing settings including which Layers are on/off, the zoom level and location, sensor type, etc. This can be useful for bookmarking a specific map view, embedding the map...
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  • Should I install on CentOS or Red Hat?

    Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is an open source operating system (OS). The OS is open source, but the support subscription has a fee.
    CentOS Linux is a rebuild of the freely available sources for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). There are no support...
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  • Time Series Equation Sensors

    Time Series sensors are a special type of sensors that allow equations to generate time series data in fixed time intervals. Before creating your first Time Series Sensor, you must first create a new Sensor Type in the System where it will belong. Contrail® Views44
  • Using rain tables in Analytics Rainfall Intensity reports

    The rainfall tables default is edited in the Service module online for analytics.
    Here is a sample of the structure
    Rainfall Return Periods
    Change This Title - Area
    Intervals=60, 120, 180, 360, 720, 1440,...
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  • What is a Hold Off Equation?

    Hold Off equations are built with a Boolean equation and used to prevent multiple delivery notifications from alarms being repeatedly triggered, cleared and re-triggered. They can be used to prevent repeated notifications when a sensor’s data is...
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  • What is HADS?

    HADS (Hydro meteorological Automated Data System) collection of GOES data - The Office of Hydrologic Development of the National Weather Service operates HADS.
    Real-time and near real-time data acquisition, data processing and data distribution...
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  • What should I do if I receive replication Alarms from Contrail?

    System Administrators should first check with their IT resources to determine if network maintenance might be affecting database replication.

    If no known outages exist, the next steps would be to login into your Contrail administration...
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  • Where can I find the documentation?

    Application documentation is hosted within each application under the Help section.
    The help files should also reference
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